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UKLO FTTS is looking for new opportunities to participate in a different types of projects through which it will acquire and share the knowledge related to food science, technology and nutrition. In this context, we are looking for a potential partners that are willing to work with us. Our Values in projects' participation are: 

1.    Collaboration to achieve Excellence in Novel trends of Food  Treatment and  Food Preservation

2.    Diversity of thought, perspective and culture in terms of healthy way of living, healthy aging....

3.    Extending the ,,fresh,, or processed food shelf life through applying of novel trends in packaging,

4.    Promotion of nutritive habits ....in population....

5.    Ease of Transnational flow of food /agricultural products in region of...

6.    Economic study of sustainability of some agricultural products in the region

7.    Use of renewable energy sources for food preservation and decrease the environmental impact

8.    Enhancement of tourism aspects in region

9.    Preparation of young educated people for new jobs and challenged workplaces

10. Development of ,,food,, tourisam ??

11. Increase of people awareness in the region for certain food categories

12. Food quality and safety for domestic agricultural business


Participation in national and international projects of our staff members:

  • - ТЕМПУС проект: FOODLINKS ,,Improving AcademiaIndustry Links in Food Safety and Quality , ТТФ-Велес, 2010-2012.
  • - ТЕМПУС проект: STREW ,,Tempus Building Capacity for Structural Reform in Higher Education of Western Balkan Countries,, УКЛО-Битола, 2010-2013.
  • - LLP- iTeach: Improving teaching effectiveness in chemical engineering education, 2013-2016 (participant on a focus group-academics amd graduate students in Macedonia).
  • - МОН проект: Bioaccumalation of perfluorinated compounds-the last big chemical affair of the 20th century, УКИМ, 2010-2012.
  • - Поддршка, акција и развој на претприемачкиот  бизнис  во  прекуграничниот  регион (Action on support and development of the entrepreneurial business in the cross -border region) Програма за прекугранична соработка Македонија Албанија 2007-2013.
  • - Зајакнување на МСП секторот во прекуграничниот регион (Strengthening SME sector in the cross border region) - Програма за прекугранична соработка Македонија Албанија 2007-2013.
  • - Трговија без граници за компаниите од интеррегионалната област Грција Македонија (Trade without borders for the companies of GreeceR. Macedonia interregional area) - Програма за прекугранична соработка Македонија Грција 2007-2013.
  • - Phytoremediation of contaminated soil combined with bioenergy  production ,  Macedonian- Chinese Scientific and Technological Cooperation, ТТФ-Велес, 2009-2010.
  • - Thematic Network of Dietetics, EC/AECA 2010-2013.
  • - Improving public health through nutrition education and research: support to proactive partnership to produce quality education standards for nutritionists, TTF-Veles,2014-2015.
  • - Evaluation of dietary habits, physical activity levels and BMI kg/m 2 monitoring as basis for a new health promotion program in the Republic of Macedonia , TTF-Veles, 2011-2012.
  • - Embodied Cognition in a Compliantly Engineered Robot, EU FP7 project: (www. ec c ero bot. or g)
  • - POLYSOL ,,Development of a modular, all-POLYmer SOLar thermal collector  for  domestic hot water preparation and space heating,, FP7- SME-2010-1/ No. 262149 (2010-2012).
  • - COMPOSOL ,,Fibre Reinforced Composite Reflectors for Concentrated Solar Power Plants ,, FP7 - No. 284216 (2012-2014).
  • DIBBIOPACK ,,Development of injection and blow extrusion molded biodegradable and multifunctional packages by nanotechnology: improvement of structural and barrier properties, smart features and sustainability,, FP7-NMP-2011-LARGE-5, No. 280676 (2012-2016).


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