Dear all,


The Southeast European Student Symposium 2023 will take place from the 31st of March to the 1st of April online, with in-person meetings in Regensburg, Jena and Graz. For two days, we will delve into a wide range of topics regarding Southeast Europe, including labour migration, diaspora studies, gender and minority rights, external influences in the Balkans, media and power legitimisation, affect and emotions, linguistics and politics, and much more. We will also be looking at research methodology and exploring new tools to conduct research. Through presentations, discussions, and networking, we aim to engage in fruitful discussions and build new connections across borders.


This symposium is meant to be a platform for respectful debates at eye level and tolerance for mistakes. We intend to connect BA and MA students, as we are all in the same boat, trying to figure out how to do our research, or even what to research. The symposium serves as an opportunity to help us all row forward, share our thoughts and learn from one another. 


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