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Wrocław University of Economics invites Ph.D. Students for taking part in PROM Programme - International scholarship exchange for doctoral students and academic staff which is founded by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange.

Ph.D. students can apply for three forms of scientific activity:

• 10-days visits for obtaining materials for a Ph.D. thesis/scientific article; carry out measurements with the use of unique equipment or database which is unavailable (or difficult to obtain) in one’s home country; participating in the preparation of an international grant application (2 vacancies for Ph.D. Students)

• 5-days visits for participation in research consultation with experts from the Wrocław University of Economics (seminars, workshops) (3 vacancies for Ph.D. Students)

• 8-days visit for Ph.D. Student Summer School (17 vacancies for Ph.D. Students)

The scholarship covers:

1. Travel expenses, health insurance, third-party insurance, accident insurance, visa fees and costs of establishing residency (depending on the distance between the place of residence of a participant and the Wrocław University of Economics)

2. Cost of subsistence which can be spent on catering or accommodation (depending on the number of days of stay).

To apply:

•       Fill the form

-Visits: https://goo.gl/forms/FX1WqF87d3A2L2gv1 (Open recruitment: 18 February - 3 March, 2019)

-Summer School: https://goo.gl/forms/02ZBINxpODWGWBHi2 (Open recruitment until 15 April)

•       Prepare the documents:

1. Confirmation of English language proficiency at a minimum level of B2 (either a language certificate, a grade from the linguistic course implemented as part of the studies certified by a teacher)

2. The scan of a valid Ph.D. Student card.

3. Information about the research project you want to develop in connection with your scholarship. (Maximum number of characters: 2000)

More details can be found: http://www.ue.wroc.pl/university/19157/prom_programme.html


Contact person: Ewa Popowicz, e-mail: Оваа е-адреса е заштитена од спамботови. Треба да ви е овозможено JavaScript за да ја видите.

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